Friday’s Hunt, V 4.4

Teresa over at Eden Hills has given us our weekly photo meme challenge:

For the week of July 28th
1. Starts with D

Doorway with it’s shutters closed, Tournon, Provence, France, 2017.

2. favorite

This photo was taken from the Train de l’Ardeche in the Doux Valley in France.  The train is powered by a wood burning steam engine.  We were decorated with a dusting of ash as we rumbled along.  Beautiful scenery and great experience.

3. photographer’s choice

A close up of the many beautiful plants at the train station.

Thanks so much for stopping by for a visit.  Ya’ll all have a great weekend and don’t forget your camera.  So much beauty to see and share!

You can visit Teresa’s wonderful blog by simply clicking on the image below this line.

Eden Hills
Peace out!

15 thoughts on “Friday’s Hunt, V 4.4

  1. Am liking your Provence pictures today, Janice. More next week I hope. We also like Provence. We once stayed a week at St. Remy, Provence, for a week.

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  2. What an exciting adventure! I would love to ride a steam train some day. I love that arched bridge, so pretty. That pink flower looks like the beautiful, but poisonous, oleander to me. We had some growing where we used to work. I enjoyed your pictures.

    Have a blessed week. 🙂

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    1. Glad you enjoyed the photos, Suzanne. The oleander shrubs were everywhere and in full bloom in a variety of colors. Yes, it was a wonder filled trip. This was our second ride on a steam engine train, the first in Colorado in 1982.

      May your week be blessed, too.

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      1. I’ve seen pink oleander and white ones. What other colors are there? They are so pretty. Unfortunately, the place where we used to work removed their oleander, but we don’t know the reason.

        I’ll be that train ride in Colorado was a wonderful adventure, too, with all of those mountains there. That would be even better than the Scream Machine at Six Flags!

        Have a blessed day. 🙂

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      2. Basically variations of deep red into pure white with some having a purplish look. Lush and beautiful. Our apartment building had oleanders next to our apartment but had not maintained them. Last week all the landscaping was ripped out and new drought hardy plants and stone ground cover is replacing every thing including the grass. Ripped out the wonderful honeysuckle. Certainly made th place look more updated.


  3. Great shots! I love the French door – so different to anything we see around here. The scenery on that train ride looks like it was beautiful. I have always enjoyed my visits to France and hope I have the chance to visit again.

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