Friday’s Hunt v 4.3

Been a while as I have been having some fun with grand kids, my sisters and a trip to France.  Have missed all the blogger friends.  With no further ado here are my submissions for this Friday:

1. Starts with C
2. building
3. something I wear

Starts with C:

Carousel in Nice, France


Not all the windows are real on this building in Nice, France.

something I wear:

Bottles being filled at the Fragonard Parfumeur, Eze, France.  I bought a bottle!

Thanks to Teresa for our prompts for Friday’s Hunt.  Be sure to visit her and the other participants:


Eden Hills

14 thoughts on “Friday’s Hunt v 4.3

  1. Love it, Janice. Love France, love Nice. In 2013 our youngest granddaughter and youngest daughter and we insisted Nice. Third time for us, You’re making me want to visit again. I had guessed the carousel, just lovely.

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  2. Lovely carousel! When you were in Nice, I hope you saw the Chagall museum – his big paintings are stunning! And, you are allowed to take pics inside!
    Thanks for visiting!


  3. When we were there they were re-organizing in the Matisse, so there was not much to see, except for the busts in the entrance (one which bears my name, lol). At both museums were a a whole slew of school kids with their teacher.


    1. There was one area being reworked for a special display but other than that Matisse were everywhere. At the entry there was an enormous painting, like floor to ceiling and beyond. Now crowds either at Matisse, a few more folks at Chagall but not crowded at all. We visited Arles and there were 7 or 8 originals by Van Gogh


      1. When we were there it was busy, but not too busy at the Chagall, like the Louvre, where you stand in line for at leas 2 hours. Am surprised not more paintings of van Gog were in Arles. Now you “have to” go to Amsterdam – the van Gogh museum is just around the corner of the Rijksmueum where the Rembrandts are.

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      2. Well, we were in Amsterdam last year but ran out of time before we could get to those two places. Our flight arrived late enough the museums were closed and it was Easter weekend. Did see Keukenhof as it was coming into bloom. Only there 3 days. We do want to go back to Amsterdam but my hubby is almost 77 and is finding travelling more challenging each year. I was ill the last two days of the Nice trip. He enjoys a cool place to sit and people watch or strike up conversations with city residents. Not interested in art.


  4. What a wonderful carousel. It has been many years since I have seen one. I can’t believe your temperatures that you mentioned in your comment on my blog. I don’t know how I would manage in those temps. Anything over 25 C is too much for me. Last night though, we had it down to 6 C, which is really odd for the end of July. I would prefer warmer than that! Love the window murals and the perfume is probably delightful!


    1. Thank goodness, we have air conditioning and the funds available to pay for the cost. I had been doing a lot of walking but these temperatures make that either a very early morning or late night activity. I have been using the workout room here at the apartments as it is kept very cold.


  5. Glad to have you back with us! I am really enjoying you pictures from the trip, and you are really making me want to travel and see the world. Thanks so much for joining Friday’s Hunt. Have a great rest of the week!

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