Friday’s Hunt V3.22

For the week of June 2nd
1. Starts with V

One of the favorite places we stopped in Canada was Medicine Hat.  Downtown had real gas lights and a pleasant restaurant named DeVine.


2. Week’s Favorite is the volunteer tomato plants transplanted into a fabric flower bed blooming and setting on tomatoes.  Haven’t a clue the type of tomatoes we will harvest.  It is fun watching the miracle of growth.

3. Inch is pretty small.  It is written as 1.0.  I worked in .0005 inch in the business of building circuit boards.  So here is a plant near the summit of Rocky Mountain National Park.  That is the tip of my shoe in the photo.  The plant is about an inch wide.


Thanks to Teresa for hosting Friday Hunt.

Eden Hills
Eden Hills Market

7 thoughts on “Friday’s Hunt V3.22

  1. I love that tiny plant – such an explosion of colour! What is a “fabric” flower bed? Sounds interesting. Your tomatoes are doing well. Mine aren’t even planted yet.


    1. It is a circular ‘pot’ about 12 inches high and 3 feet diameter that is made of a very heavy fabric similar to pellon used in suit making. Bought this one at a garden center. They are available on Amazon and other places.


  2. Hi Janice. I liked your volunter tomato. Here is to some good eating. Also the Devine Cafe, am wondering where in Canada. Guess I could search. The shoe measure works well as a size reference. With food I use an utensil a lit, generally a fork.
    Thanks for the hubby ham. We have a no outside antenna deed restriction here. That crimps radio working style.

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  3. Love when I get volunteer tomatoes. Seems like they always turn out to be cherry tomatoes though. That tiny plant is quite lovely! Thanks so much for joining Friday’s Hunt. Enjoy the rest of your week!


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