Friday’s Hunt v 3.20

It is coming up on Friday so time to look for a few photos to meet Ms. Teresa’s over at Eden Hills challenges:

For the week of May 19th
1. Starts with T could certainly be Texas bluebonnets, our state flower.

2. Week’s Favorite was snapped on Mother’s Day early morning.  The sun was at the perfect angle to give a glow to the canning jars, milk jugs and other glass objects from my mother, mother in law and our many decades of marriage.  It was nice to see Mom and Edna’s stuff reflected on the curtains on Mother’s Day morning.

3. Food as photographed in Vukovar, Croatia.  This is gelato and it was scrumptious with coffee!


To visit other folks who are joining in on the fun at Eden Hills just click here!

Eden Hills
Eden Hills Market

7 thoughts on “Friday’s Hunt v 3.20

  1. Gelato! YUM! One of my favourite treats, and one that I do not often have the pleasure of enjoying. I especially remember eating it in Turin, in Italy. What a flavour fiesta! I am not sure whether I prefer the fruit flavours or the coffee/chocolate ones. They’re all good. What a lovely display you captured in Croatia. Love the bluebonnets too!

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    1. The shop had just opened that day. The owners were father and son. We could not speak their language nor they ours so pointing worked great! The coffee was as delightful as were our gelato treats. Thanks for the comments!


  2. Hi Janice, nice to meet another Senior Blogger from Texas. We too like the Texas Blue Bonnets but didn’t get to see many this spring. Also like the Gelato, we had a lot in London while visiting our daughter who lived there for five years. Italy’s is good too. We did have some in Croatia.
    We live in Katy now, formerly Montgomery 16 years, Friendswood 23, El Paso 3, Pasadena, Houston, Deer Park a bunch and Itinerate then more in New Hampshire and Nebraska or Louisiana.
    Thank you for peeking in on me. We have a cousin, son of a cousin, who lives in Round Rock, he is with the Rangers and the Corpus Christi Hooks.

    Corpus Christi Hooks

    Corpus Christi Hooks


    1. Well, Jim, blogging is fun. Meet so many interesting folks. My husband is an amateur radio operator so he meets folks that way, too. We moved to RR in 2013 from my husband’s home state of Missouri where we lived for 38 years. I grew up north of McKinney, TX, and have only lived in those two states. My husband is an avid baseball fan. He had partial season tickets to the RR team last year. Being from Missouri, St. Louis Cards are the team he really loves.

      thanks for the visit and comments. Will hope to be seeing more of you.


  3. The blue bonnets are beautiful. Someday, I may actually to get to see a whole field in person. The bottles do make for an interesting image. Nicely done. The gelato looks delicious! Thank you so much for joining Friday’s Hunt. Hope you have a great week!

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