Carpe Diem Universal Jane #9 Naked Rock (AHA-poetry 2013)


across the plains
flames consume the clouds
a sunset

©  petra domina

across the plains
clouds consumed in flames
at sunset

©  petra domina

For this “Universal Jane” episode Chèvrefeuille chose to share a few haiku from “Naked Rock” (2013) to inspire the group.

In this haiku book Jane starts with a beautiful prologue, Chèvrefeuille loved to share a part of that prologue first:

See on the horizon that tall rock?
Take my hand it is our ticket
Floating above the rolling hills
The narrow road that knows only us
Leads to the tiny meadow center
For the great giant redwoods
Branches bell the ring around
Chanting chanting sea wind breezes
Lay you down
Lean on us
From our roots
Dark travelers from below the knowledge
Bring that which delights the living
Breath in and out
Lick the dew
Let go
We are here
We are you

He then followed with the following series of haiku written by Jane.

the way of water
opening up a canyon

carved in rock

Old Testament
water having its way
with rocks

early artist
rusty water on
a granite body

heart of a beach
silvered with polishing
turns to the sun

© Jane Reichhold (all taken from “Naked Rock” – AHA poetry 2013)

Thanks to Chèvrefeuille for daily prompts on 



4 thoughts on “Flames

    1. Well, I toyed with a or at changing back and forth several times. Was not sure which worked the best. The haiku came to mind as we were riding along and I was snapping photos of the sunset. We were moving about 75 MPH so a little blur is expected.

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